Zen Meditation Program with Alejandro Ashley

Begins January 21 TIME: Thursdays at 8:00 pm LENGTH OF COURSE: 6 weeks COST: $ 350 full course  $70 per session Instructor: Alejandro Ashley “The mind tends to finction on automatic pilot which...


02/05/2016 Master Class with Claudia Guerrero

Part 1: Receptivity Mudras and asanas. A study of texts and mandalas to experience and connect with the qualities which yoga practice awakens in each of us. TIME: Friday, February 5 LENGTH OF COURSE: 6:00 p.m. to...


04/23-24/ 2016 Preparatory Module 4 Instructor: Claudia Guerrero

Module 4 – THE COLLECTIVE FIELD Mantra, asanas and meditation in...


06/02/2016 Zen Workshop: Daily, infinite LOVE. Instructor: Alejandro Ashley

In this introductory workshop to secular, everyday Zen, we will explore the...


03/11,12 & 13/2016 Workshop: “A limit is the true protagonist of space.”

Instructor: Fernando García Aguinaco “A limit is the true protagonist of...

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